My new school is 3 High School Bandung. I am a part of this school since 2 weeks ago. At first, I don’t have a friend expect my junior high school friends. I was a student of Taruna Bakti Junior High School.

The first week is orientation week. I am at group 7. Me and Arya is Taruna Bakti’s student at that group, but I know 4 people here. Neraya Nadeem is my friend when we were at the same tutoring. Syafiera and Naufal Taufik is my friend when we were at the same elementary school. The last person I know is Puteri. Me and Puteri never met before. Me and Puteri know the same person , his name is Gema. Gema told Puteri that he has a friend that will be at the same school as her, it was me.

I met my new friend when there was a game at the orientation day. I met Virgi Saputra. Her name sounds like a boy’s name. Mostly people called her Ijong. She doesn’t know why people called her Ijong. She was BPI Junior High School student.

Her house is at Kiaracondong, so far from mine. My birthday is on 5th September 1999 and her birthday is on 14th September 1999. We will turn 16 this year. Her favorite food is Sushi, just like me. Her favorite drink is mineral water. She likes mineral water because mineral water is healthy.

Ijong likes to hangout, she usually hangout to Paris Van Java Mall, just like me, and it’s very strange because i always go to Paris Van Java Mall every saturday but we never met, it’s strange isn’t it?

Her dad is Ivan Yunendra and her mom is Dine Herlia Tobing. She has 3 brothers, they are airlangga, laamara, and iber.

She doesn’t like clown. If she saw a clown near her she would scream and run away. She wants to be a doctor. She likes barbie so much. Her pencil case is barbie and her pencil, pen and etc is pink! I have a barbie ruler and when i used it she asked me “icha, where did you bought this ruler? it’s very cute!! i want it!”. She can’t swim, she said. Our taste of music is same. We like EDM, hip hop, and pop music. Our favorite musician is Martin Garrix. He is very handsome!

For me, Ijong is very nice, humble, and we have many similarities. We talked about many random things with Puteri, Laila, and Manda at break time. We scream, we laugh together. I love my new friends!!