Puteri : Hi, Icha! How are you?
Icha : Hi Puteri! I’m fine, thank you. What about you?
Puteri : Awesome! How was your holiday in Bromo Mountain?
Icha : It was great! I saw the most beautiful sunrise on the top of the mountain.
Puteri : What a wonderful experience! I want to go to Bromo too 😦
Icha : You must go there, seriously.
Puteri : I hope so.
Icha : And how was you holiday? Where did you go?
Puteri : I had a culinary tour with my big family. So I went to many places in Bandung.
Icha : That’s a really great holiday! It must be the reason why you look fat now.
Puteri : Are you serious? 😦
Icha : Haha, just kidding! So, tell me what foods you taste.
Puteri : I ate many traditional foods, but my favorite is colenak. Yummy! It is a really delicious food!
Icha : I wanna taste it too 😦
Puteri : You really have to taste it.
Icha : Absolutely yes. By the way, my father is coming! I must go home. Bye, Puteri!
Puteri : Bye, Icha!