imageimageimageimageimageSaturday, 19 September 2015 is one of the most memorable day for me. On that day, my school had an event named Gamarvani. Gamarvani is an event about Indonesian culture. I am a part of the committee.

First, the senior told us about Gamarvani and invited us to join the committee. The word “Gamarvani” was taken from the word “Gama” that means trip and “tarvani” that means moon. So, Gamarvani is the way/trip to the moon. The senior picked it from the story about Nyi Anteh. This festival is all about our country, so we used to say it’s ” Gemilang Cinta Negeri “. Gamarvani goals are to make the young generation love Indonesian culture especially West Java.

Endahwarni and Anteh. Princess Endahwarni was the daughter of the king and the queen while Anteh was the daughter of the lady-in-waiting. Anteh’s mother died while she was a baby. The queen felt sorry to her and raised her like her own child.

Anteh was more beautiful than Princess Endahwarni. She was often jealous with Anteh. However she still loved Anteh just like her little sister. The king and the queen thought it was time for princess Endahwarni to get married.

A prince from a neighboring kingdom named Anantakusuma proposed the princess to marry him. The king and the queen had accepted the proposal. And it made Endahwani became very restless. She never met Anantakusuma yet.

A week before the wedding, Prince Anantakusuma came to talk about the wedding ceremony. While he passed the palace garden, he heard a girl singing a song beautifully. He came to the garden and saw a beautiful girl singing. He thought the girl was Princess Endahwarni. But he was wrong, the girl was Anteh.

The wedding could not be cancelled. During the ceremony, Princess Endahwarni saw that her husband was always looking at Anteh

Gamarvani head committee is Kang Muhammad Ababil Akram. He is at XII Science 2 now.

I was very happy because when I was Junior High School, I was a part of Taruna Bakti Problem Solving Contest called Ethiqly.

The first committee meeting was days-30 Gamarvani. It was Sunday and I didn’t come because I was at Pangandaran for big family trip. My friends told me that i was invited to Gamarvani Candidate Committee.

The senior gave us the first challenge. We had to gave the senior 7 food stand that can join Gamarvani. We divided into groups. My group had to asked LOL (Lick Over Lips) to join Gamarvani. Puteri gave me the proposal and my groups had to present it at LOL (Lick Over Lips). Actually the total food stand on Gamarvani is 15 stands with 12 food trucks.

Me and the other 3 friends went to Lick Over Lips by my car. We present our proposal and Lick Over Lips had a deal with us. They paid Rp. 200.000 first. The price was Rp. 700.000. The real price was Rp. 1.200.000, Kang Abil told us to only asked Rp. 700.000 from them.

The senior committee usually asked us to meeting on friday. The senior told us that the money wasn’t enough. It was far away from the target so 3’2018 had to help the senior about the money.

We used the system of Door to Door. We divided into groups again. It was different groups. Door-to-door is a sales technique in which a salesperson walks from the door of one house to the door of another trying to sell a product or service to the general public. A variant of this involves cold calling first, when another sales representative attempts to gain agreement that a salesperson should visit.

Teh Faza Aghnia asked me to be the treasurer of my class. To help the fund of Gamarvani, the senior sold Merchandise of 3 High School Bandung. We ordered the merchandise on Google Online and Kang Azka sent me the picture of my friends’s ordered. The first pre order was failed for 3’2018 because some trouble and Pa Encang told the Senior not the sold anything for 3’2018 before the parents meeting. I cried because I slept midnight to make a database about the merchandise. Because of that trouble so the money was given back to me and I had to gave it back to my friend.

The second pre order was one week before Gamarvani held. My friend ordered the merchandise again. The total fund of my class was Rp. 6.005.000.

Many performances on Gamarvani. There were many Extracurricular from 3 Junior High School that performed on Gamarvani. There are Angklung Tilu, Classic Music 3, Band 3, Tiloes’s Theater. There were also performances about Martial Arts such as Wayang Golek, Pencak Silat, and the other.

The top of the show was on 7 o’clock when 2 Indonesian Musicians performed. There were Adera and Hivi. Adera sang 8 songs and he really enjoyed the show. He said that all of the girls are beautiful such an angel. The lasting performance was from Hivi. Nowadays, Hivi is famous because of their new songs “Siapkah Kau Tuk Jatuh Cinta?”. Many girls were screaming when Hivi sang that song and the girls also screamed because Ezra. Ezra is the guitarist of Hivi. He was very handsome at that time.

Away from the performances, we have a presnece of TransMedia Corporation that gave Trans Studio Bandung free tickets. The tickets only for the winner of the traditional games competition. Ancol also gave the free tickets for Gamarvani visitor that can answered the question about Indonesia traditional culture.