My house is located in Gempol Asri 1 number 46, Bandung. My house has a land area of 540 m2 and a building area only 400 m2. We have a garden. There are several rooms in my house. They are a karaoke room, living room, a family room, kitchen, bathroom, six bedrooms, study room, garage, and play room.

The first room is karaoke room. Me and my family usualy karaoke and do sports here. We played the music while we exercise. We always karaoke when there is family gathering.

The second room is the living room. Living room is used to approve the guests who come to my house. In which there is some furniture including sofas, desks, and framed photos on the wall and lavender flowers on the pot. My living room is colored yellow.

The third room is a family room. Family room is the most spacious room in my house. We usually use the family room to gather while watching television. In the living room there are television, chairs, tables, and sound system. That is a big television, so when we sit together in front of it, we can see the movie clearly. Furthermore, we usually turn the light on when we want to see a horror and actio  movie and it is like watching in the real cinema.

My bedroom is on the second floor. My bedroom was belong to Adit (my first brother). Adit’s bedroom was belong to me. Keefe’s bedroom is on the second floor, same as mine. Keefe never slept on his bedroom because he still sleep with my mom and dad. He is still 6 years old now (first grade of elementary school). My bedroom has a big balcony, television, dvd player, bathroom, desks, and cupboard.

We have a big kitchen. I like to cook, neither my mom. I have 4 persian cat and they have their own room near the kitchen.

We have a garden too. Many trees such as, avocado, mango, and guava. Besides that, I also have many kind of flower and my front yard is filled by grasses. There is a terrace which usually use for us to do some activities.
Karaoke RoomKaraoke RoomThe balcony of my bedroomMy bedroomMy bedroomKeefe's BedroomFamily roomMy houseIMG_1983Kitchen