Education is not only about school. Education is about all around us. Getting a good education is depends on the person. When you were baby, your parents teach you how to speak, walk, run, etc. Your parents encourage you to do the homework and study.

Outdoor study also needed. When we go out into the world, we can explore many things and we know the application for life. Study abroad is one of the most popular outdoor study now. The student not only study the local tradition of the country but also study from their experience. They need to adaptation with the culture, the people, and many else.  Another reason you might consider to study abroad is  to experience different study styles.

Some people think that getting a good education depends on the school you attend. I disagree with that statement. It depends on the person. If they can’t improve their skill, they will not be success. Their skill just wasted.

Studies should enable students to reach their goals with disciplines and good character. If their reach their goals with cheating, they are same as a corruptor. Working together on project can make students learn about their friend skill, teamwork, and can decide solution when they got a problem or different opinion. They also trained to work as a team, because in the future, when they already have a job, they will often work as a team. They need to understand how to communicate, compromise, and share.

Real life begins at graduation. School should focus not just on whether students have learned, but where it will take the students later. School should focus on the occupation that the students want so the teacher can focus on the material that every students need.

When they already have a job, it’s just not about the result at the end, but also the progress and the plan they choose. To improve this skill, school should make a contest for solving problem. This contest will make the student think complex about the problem they got.

College is extremely important to many careers. School need to offer courses that will prepare students for wherever they are going in life. They need skills like civic knowledge and the ability to balance their work.